Jordan Spritzgusstechnik

Founded in 1901, the company originally manufactured locks and fittings of metal and plastic. The trend towards more and more products made of plastic prompted Jordan from 1964 to further extend its plastics production.

The corresponding requirements were therefore created at the works in Iserlohn.

Due to the ongoing developments in the field of plastics technology, and for reasons of capacity, production was relocated from Iserlohn to Menden (Sauerland) and further specialised in the year 1984.

On a production area of over 5000 m², the company now manufactures plastic products for the domestic and foreign markets. Production is based on an ultra-modern machinery park manufacturing technical plastic components to the very latest state of the art. Computer-controlled manufacturing processes guarantee consistently high quality, tailored to the various application areas in the automotive, sanitation and furniture industry.

The production of models or prototypes and the necessary tools, together with subsequent production, assembly and finishing of injection-moulded components are all carried out in-house.

Continual further development and investment have made Jordan a reliable partner for its customers and suppliers.

Our aim is to produce and deliver consistently high-quality products at the price required by the market. Jordan represents the ideal combination of man, material, environment and machinery.